Problems with the HDMI chip affect 4K / 120Hz HDR output for console games with Marantz 8K AVR

Problems with the HDMI chip affect 4K / 120Hz HDR output for console games with Marantz 8K AVR

Some new game source devices that support 4K / 120Hz HDR output may not work fully with the Marantz 8K AVR. You may discover this incompatibility issue due to HDMI chipset mismatch between the devices. When the affected system is connected to the AVR via 8K HDMI input and set to output with 4K / 120Hz HDR, and the AVR 4K Signal Format option is set to “8K Enhanced”, you may not see the system source video on the screen, and that you do not hear the system source sound processed via AVR. This problem only occurs when a monitor that supports 4K / 120Hz HDR is used.

We are currently investigating the problem further and will offer a permanent solution at a later date. In the meantime, we want to provide a few solutions to prevent the problem from occurring:

  •  You can connect the system to the monitor directly via HDMI and use the monitor’s ARC / eARC function to return the original audio to the AVR with the connected HDMI cable between the AVR and the monitor. This allows users to decode the original audio format sent from the source. With this method, the CEC / ARC option of the monitor must be enabled, as well as AVR HDMI control and / or AVR ARC option. In AVR, this option is in the GUI under “Video – HDMI Setup.”
  •  Another solution is to set the source video output to 4K / 60Hz instead of 4K / 120Hz until a permanent solution is available. This ensures reliable communication between the source, AVR and the monitor. The default value of the source is to output 4K / 60Hz, so if no change has been made since unpacking from the box, nothing more needs to be done.

We apologize for this inconvenience and we are currently working tirelessly to release a permanent solution so you can enjoy the 4K / 120Hz HDR experience with the latest sources with your AVR. We will soon have an update on the timetable for a permanent solution. We appreciate your patience.

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