Ultimate Buying Guide

Ultimate Buying Guide

Sometimes you’ve just got to splurge. When that “special someone” is a really special someone, you need to find a holiday gift to match. And if that someone happens to be a musician or an aficionado who takes their music seriously, your task might seem a little harder.

Fear not! Here are some great high-end gift suggestions for that talented spouse, child or grandchild in your life.

Extravagant? A little.

But, hey, they’re worth it.

DTX6 Series Electronic Drum Kits

DTX6K3-X electronic drum kit.

The newly-released Yamaha DTX6 Series electronic drum kits provide the perfect solution for quiet practice, rehearsal, recording and education. There are three models to choose from — the DTX6K-XDTX6K2-X and DTX6K3-X — all equipped with kick drum, snare drum, tom and cymbal pads, as well as a DTX-PRO module loaded with hundreds of professionally-sampled sounds and effects recorded around the world in renowned studios.

The list of features is awesome, too. A unique Kit Modifier control allows the player to alter sounds with effects such as ambience and compression, all with a simple turn of a knob. Lightning-fast triggering speed ensures an incredibly dynamic and expressive playing experience. With the use of the free Yamaha Rec’n’Share app, players can take videos of their performances and share them without leaving the drum throne. There’s even a series of built-in training tools designed to allow players of every level to develop their drumming skills. DTX6 Series electronic drum kits are the perfect way to encourage the drummer in your family … and without the loud volume levels that come from playing an acoustic drum set.

BB Pro Series Basses

BBP34 1880h

BBP34 four-string bass.

BBP35 1880h

BBP35 five-string bass.

For the bassist that won’t settle for anything less than the best, the Yamaha BB Pro Series lineup represents the pinnacle of electric bass guitars. Carefully crafted one at a time by a select team of master artisans, these instruments offer a rich, organic tone and extraordinary playability.

Both four-string and five-string models are available — the BBP34 and BBP35, respectively —each with a unique alder/maple/alder laminated construction finished with proprietary IRA (Initial Response Acceleration) technology for a “played in” feel from day one. For improved sustain and outstanding resonance that brings every note to life, they’re fitted with a 5-ply, laminated neck that combines the tight, penetrating character of maple with the warmth of mahogany, with miter bolting for more efficient transfer of string vibration throughout the body. Great sound, great feel, great look — what more could a bass player ask for?

A-S3200 Integrated Amplifier

A-S3200 integrated amplifier.

Any audiophiles on your holiday gift list? If so, we’ve got the perfect suggestion: a Yamaha flagship A-S3200 integrated amplifier. This crucial audio component embodies the latest in Hi-Fi innovation while paying homage to music tradition, with sound quality and features that are sure to impress.

The A-S3200 offers inputs for an external tuner, CD player and turntable, as well as the ability to toggle between two different sets of speakers in two different rooms, with extra-large level meters that visually present the dynamics and pulse of the music. Fully balanced circuitry ensures low signal-to-noise ratio and improved channel separation, and a large toroidal transformer and high-quality capacitors deliver pristine sound. There’s attention to detail everywhere you look, from the meticulous switch design to the speaker terminals cut from pure brass. From input to output, the A-S3200 establishes a new benchmark in high-fidelity audio while keeping the focus on musicality.YDS-150 Digital Saxophone.

YDS-150 Digital Saxophone

The Yamaha YDS-150 Digital Saxophone allows anyone to play the saxophone anytime, anywhere. Though it has a lot in common with acoustic saxophones, it offers numerous exciting innovations, such as 15 volume levels, a headphone output for silent practice and 73 preset voices that include both standard sax sounds and non-saxophone sounds. And with the use of a free smartphone app, the player can control everything from pitch transposition to key response — even change fingerings.

Best of all, any beginner or pro can pick up the YDS-150 and make a great sound right away. It feels just like an acoustic sax since it uses the exact same key layout, mouthpiece, ligature and a synthetic reed. And like an acoustic sax, it even has a brass bell, although in this case it’s connected in a way that provides the player with physical feedback similar to that of an acoustic instrument. This is one holiday gift that’s sure to please!

U1 SH2 SILENT Piano™

Yamaha U1 SH2 SILENT Piano.

A piano is more than a gift. It’s a key unlocking passion and possibility. How better to inspire the musician in your family?

Yamaha U Series upright pianos have inspired musicians for more than half a century. They can be found in the practice rooms, classrooms and stages of the top conservatories and schools of music in the country. And now, with the addition of SH2 SILENT Piano™ technology to the U1 model — the most popular upright in the world — a great piano has been made even better. The resulting instrument, known as the U1 SH2, can be played like any upright piano, but it also incorporates a unique silencing system that allows private practice over headphones without being disturbed or disturbing others. When engaged, the hammers no longer hit the strings; instead, a highly sophisticated sensor-technology captures all movements of the keys and sends them to a built-in digital tone module that’s equipped with a wide range of sounds, including digital samples of the Yamaha CFX concert grand piano and the legendary Bösendorfer Imperial. You can even record your own performances and play along with your favorite songs stored on your smartphone or tablet.

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